Single and happy


No one should define your happiness

Not by any kind of influence

Nor with other people’s presence


Never think of depending or relying

Just do not let someone take control

Because you may find it unfavorable


Let yourself seek for answers

On what happiness truly means

When you find it, enjoy it the least





After more than a year and a half

The moment has finally surfaced

To be able to see, talk and laugh

Even just for awhile I felt solaced


Oh how I missed those expressive Asian eyes

And that beautiful and meaningful smile

I want to see it more often than twice

And be the reason why it’ll glitter and shine


How I hope and wish for this to happen

At last it came in an unexpected manner

The next chapter of this I do not know when

But I’m certain that I’ll cherish this moment forever


Time was so little, sudden and real quick

For me it was furtive and stealthy

If I could just freeze that moment and keep

But not yet, in God’s time I know fervently




Restored and Revitalized

In this world we are living
You will experience everything
Either the sweetness of love, joy, and happiness
Or the pernicious pain, torment and distress
No matter how brave you are
It will be tested truly far
On how strong you could be
In standing steadfast and firmly
To face all the challenges in life
To the point you shall encounter strife

I have experienced both in this journey
The voyage of struggles and extremity
Recently my optimism has put into its limits
Where I began to stumble and break into bits
My heart and spirit apparently weakened
As it started to feel shattered and loosened
I don’t know how to carry on
As if I am stuck in wilderness at dawn
Flame of piety slowly commenced to constrict
Unfavorable responses obtain and depict

In the darkness you shall find the light
As I did when I was enlightened by my own bright
When I found the glimmer in the bewilderment
I grabbed it and desolated all the discouragement
For a moment that is quiet and placid
I closed my eyes and prayed in lucid
It was indeed a very gratifying conversation
To speak and utter to Him all my denunciation
Once again I feel restored and revitalized
For my faith and devotion are regained and utilized

Before anything else

Whatever you start.
Wherever you depart.
Always seek from above.
He’ll bless you the best that you could have.
Hold on to your faith steadfastly.
Believe in Him firmly.
He will guide your way.
And direct you to the pathway.
With Him everything is possible.
Nothing will be unattainable.
Trust Him completely.
You’ll be safe certainly.

Cheer up!

Be strong, be brave!
Close your eyes
Open your ears
Feel the sweetness engraved.

Take a deep breath
Envision yourself forward
But never look backward
Smell the goodness of heath.

Slowly open your vision.
When you’re ready,
Don’t just stand steady
Take a step with full attention.

Go on and never look back.
Leave all your worries behind
And drag your doubts on hind
That will keep you on track.

Don’t ever forget God.
Have your faith in Him
He will get you out of dim
And save you against all odd.