Forget me

Come, listen, just for a while
It is not a vile
Do it, just for once

Please, forget me, just like forever
You certainly will recover
Do it, just for once

Go on, walk, don’t look back
Continue your track
Do not stop, keep moving

Hurry, run, even in bad shape
Think of it as escape
Do not stop, keep moving

I will ask you just once
I beg you to stance
Forget me, yes please
As if I’m only part of your dream
A dream that gave you gleam


Ang pagdating mo’y biglaan
Sabi nga nila, di inaasahan
Inanyayahang pumasok sa aking tahanan
Pinaupo kahit di alam ang ‘yong pinagmulan
Gayunpaman ako’y masaya
Sapagkat ikaw’y aking nakilala

Lubos akong nagalak sa iyong pagdating
Sa mga usapang kay layo ng narating
Matamang pinakinggan ang ‘yong paglalahad
Buong atensyon ang siyang ibinayad
Tunay na walang kasing saya sayong piling
Habang tumatagal ako’y nahuhumaling

Panandalian ako ay nakalimot
Sa realidad na masalimuot
Naaliw sa iyong pagdatal
Ako ay naniwalang ika’y magtatagal
Nakaligtaan ko na bisita ka nga pala lamang
Na ang pananatili mo ay panandalian lang


I wonder where you are
Are you there or not?
Come and visit me
I seek for your presence

Tonight I will not be complete
Without you I won’t be alright
So please come tonight
Coz Im waiting for you

Can you feel the breeze?
The moon is shining
Stars are glowing
The night is so alive

Feel the cold
Feel the warmth
All that matters
Is your presence

Antok II

Gusto ko ng matulog, totoo
Maniwala ka nais ko ito
Ngunit tila ayaw akong pabayaan
Wala ka pa rin sa aking lubusan

Pagod ako sa maghapon, tunay
Sa mga gawaing nakakaumay
Ngunit kailangang trabahuhin
Ang paggawang dapat tapusin

Pansinin mo naman ako, halika
Kanina pa kitang di makita
Hinahanap kung nasaan ka na
Dalawin mo ako kahit saglit lang

Unknown half

You probably don’t know me
Neither do I to thee
Our paths might not have crossed
But you will not be lost
One day you shall find your way
To meet me in halfway
I am not finding
Nor I’m searching
I believe it is all in God’s will
To stay where I am and be still
Entrusting to Him my faith, love and hope
I shall not waiver and mope
I will not be in protest
For His timing is the best

Other half

I don’t know you yet
We might not have met
But whoever you are
I will love you even at far
With all my heart, with all my soul.
Everyday I will choose you
A hundred times if I have to
To show my sincerest affection
That I hope you see in my reflection
With utmost belief, with all your trust.
When the right time comes
I shall meet you with warm welcomes
With my arms widely open
Waiting patiently for your haven
With all my faith and hope, with all my love.


From those information passed
I heard and listened as discussed
Subsequently, something caught my attention
There, I felt aggravation
Been thinking of it overnight
But what can I do I’m just a wight
Wishing I have the power to repress
So that this curiosity will suppress