Restored and Revitalized

In this world we are living
You will experience everything
Either the sweetness of love, joy, and happiness
Or the pernicious pain, torment and distress
No matter how brave you are
It will be tested truly far
On how strong you could be
In standing steadfast and firmly
To face all the challenges in life
To the point you shall encounter strife

I have experienced both in this journey
The voyage of struggles and extremity
Recently my optimism has put into its limits
Where I began to stumble and break into bits
My heart and spirit apparently weakened
As it started to feel shattered and loosened
I don’t know how to carry on
As if I am stuck in wilderness at dawn
Flame of piety slowly commenced to constrict
Unfavorable responses obtain and depict

In the darkness you shall find the light
As I did when I was enlightened by my own bright
When I found the glimmer in the bewilderment
I grabbed it and desolated all the discouragement
For a moment that is quiet and placid
I closed my eyes and prayed in lucid
It was indeed a very gratifying conversation
To speak and utter to Him all my denunciation
Once again I feel restored and revitalized
For my faith and devotion are regained and utilized


Dreaming a dream

I will forever dream
A dream that has a gleam
Where all the possibilities exist
And no other probabilities cease
A so-called realm inexplicably to another
The place you would ever wonder to wander
I envision the sweet ambience of the surroundings
Its eerie and fancy incandescent holdings
In this sanctuary I shall find peace
Happiness, love and tranquility the least
Remarkably I will seek for the best
For this is a privilege to the sincerest

If I like you

If I like you,
It’s only you.
You have my eyes.
You own my heart.
My attention belongs to you,
As my affections too.

If I like you,
It will be you, just you.
I will be there for you always,
In good and tough times.
I will support you all the way,
To fulfill all your hopes and dreams.

If I like you,
I will stay with you.
Whatever happens,
I will always choose you.
Cheating and betrayal is neither on my list,
So will you put your trust in me.

If I like you,
I have no other option.
But to always fall for you,
Every single moment I’m with you.
The longer you’re apart from me,
The more my feelings grow and blossom.

If I like you,
I will not take advantage.
I offer to you my respect,
While giving the best regard.
I shall honor you with favor,
Notwithstanding a great admiration.

If I like you,
No, I will not lose my feelings.
No, I will not hurt you like anyone did in the past.
As long as you let me,
I will not let it happen to you.
Until then, I am all yours.

Matutong maghintay

Sabi nila dapat daw marunong kang magtiis at magtiyaga
Pero hindi ba nakakainis maghintay lalo kung mahaba ang pila
Ilang oras kang nakaupo at matamang nag-aantay na tawagin
Naiinip ka na kung bakit kasi ang tagal bago ka papuntahin

Wala na sigurong ibang kinaiinisan gawin kundi ang maghintay
Yung iba naghihintay na dumating ang mga mahal nila sa buhay
O kaya nag-aantay tawagan ng kanilang mga inaapplyang trabaho
Ang iba pa nagtityagang antayin kung kelan ang problema nila ay maglalaho

Ang ilan tila wala ng ibang pinagdidiskitahan kundi intayin kung sino ang para sa kanila
Para bang wala ng ibang mahalaga na dapat unang pagtuunang pagtityaga
Samantalang mas maraming bagay pang mas nararapat na asikasuhin
Ngunit sa kabilang banda, ito ay dapat din namang pagtuunang pansin

Sa lahat ng bagay na iyong minimithi sa buhay tama lang na matutunan ang matiyagang paghihintay
Sapagkat ito ang susi sa pagtatagumpay sa anumang bagay na iyong gustong mataglay
Tandaang sa tamang panahon at pagkakataon mapapasaiyo ang yong mga kagustuhan
Basta gawin mo lang magtiyagang maghintay ng walang pag-aalinlangan

Wait and see

I scarcely slept last night
Due to intensive perpending
I cannot think possibly right
For I am indeed perplexing

What will happen on Sunday?
Can the days pass running?
Will it be just a usual day?
Or will it be breathtaking?

Enthusiasm filled me within
Surprisingly brought me tickling
Thrilling on that day to begin
Wait and see that’s what I’ll be doing