Single and happy


No one should define your happiness

Not by any kind of influence

Nor with other people’s presence


Never think of depending or relying

Just do not let someone take control

Because you may find it unfavorable


Let yourself seek for answers

On what happiness truly means

When you find it, enjoy it the least




Ich bin verliebt

No words can ever represent the fullness of my emotion

Truly, what I feel is pure and sincere

Overflowing with so much love and affection

To the person I’ve been longing for


I cannot wait until the right time comes

Until the day we have been waiting for happens

Until such time we see each other and meet again

And our dreams and hopes become reality


Oh how I yearn for your arms and warm embrace

To feel once again your love and care

I know that one day is coming nearer

Our pain and sacrifices will be no more


I reminisce our sweet moments together

Those times which were furtive and abrupt

Let it be no more starting now

For today will be the start of our everlasting tomorrow


I do not have to utter these words

Because we surely know

“Ich bin verliebt”

With you, yes, You!