To my future

I don’t like anyone
Coz all I want is only one.
I don’t see anyone
Coz all I seek is only one.

Who is that one?

Every day, all I think of is you
All I care about is you…

Yes, it’s You.
Only You!

I can only view you in my future
Coz you are my future.


My significant other.
Hoping to be my lifetime partner.


That night

I still remember that night
The night full of surprises
Memories vivid as light
Truly has left me traces.

I do not know what’s with me
Movements have started swiftly
With a sense of urgency
Took action radically.

Miracle is by side
The heaven is indeed kind
Searched for place that is so wide
Lucky, was able to find.

I was rewarded by chance
Two good things I won’t neglect
Happened briskly in a glance
Surely I will not forget.

Tu me manques

I am longing for your presence.
Deeply dealing with your absence.

How I wanted you here.
So I can feel you near.

I Really Miss You!
That makes me feel blue.

My mind seeking.
My heart yearning.

This pain in me never ceased.
Only you can make it ease.

I could do nothing.
But to keep waiting.

Wishing you were here by my side,
Whom sincerely I can confide.

Surely in God’s perfect time,
We will be together fine.


27th of July 2014

That momentous day for our Congregation marked another historical experience for me. It was the night of confession and revelation.

Questions answered.
Confusion solved.
Query settled.

It was that wonderful night where I felt I have been missed and loved.

A sweet memory has been created.