Need not an explanation to go
Just sudden pain and woe
Marked deep into my heart

What a response to have
An effect I couldn’t neglect
Must have been memories to collect

Couldn’t hide the agony
Emotions filled with anguish and misery
Devoutly I am Hurt.


Random call

A usual day as you call it
Nothing new in its perspective
Actions are just repetitive.

Everyday has been a cycle
From the moment of the daylight
Until it reaches the twilight.

In the midst of the calm stillness
A phone ringing breaks the silence
Finding out the prompt call’s essence.

Random call is astonishing
Once the caller’s identified
Will either make you stupefied.


Ituon ang isipan sa nararapat
Tupdin ang tungkulin ng matapat
Iaalay ang ‘yong isip at buong puso
Kung maaari, ngayon, ako’y limutin ng husto.
Ganyan ang iyong gawin
Magpakasipag at sarili’y aliwin
Ibaling ang nadarama sa paggawa
Sa tamang panahon ay ‘yong matatatwa.
Ang mga araw ay mabilis lumipas
Pagsapit ng gabi’y sadyang kumakaripas
Wag mabahala sa haba ng panahon
Pumikit dumilat ayan na naman ang hapon.
Ikaw’y mapanatag at magtiwala sa itaas
Kalungkutan h’wag sanang mabakas
Tandaang ang lahat ay naayon sa Kanyang kalooban
Kabilang rito kung ikaw’y para sa kaninuman.

It is really over.

Gone are the days that you wouldn’t let the day passed without calling or texting.
I must admit, i missed those days. I miss you! I really do!
But I guess this is how it should be.
Doing the right thing requires sacrifice.
I don’t know if you are resisting yourself to do so or you’re too busy to forget me.
If it happens because you forget me then it just proves how least important I am to you.

I am having a hard time not to think of you. In every move I make, you’re always part of it. What have you done to me? You’re like a drug that I got addicted to. I cannot get rid of you!
Is there any cure? I am trying my best to distract myself from thinking of you but it’s not effective.

18 months.
This year and a half time will not guarantee any good if ever I successfully overcome it. But who knows? We’ll never know what will happen.
For now, the struggling starts. If you just know how much I battle my sadness and loneliness. I am becoming to be at the sacrificing stage again; playing my cards and luck without even knowing if I will win the game.

Should I trust your words?
Should I trust you?

Want to know what I am feeling these days?
Blue. Lonely. Gloomy. Miserable.

I hope wherever you are and whatever you do, I have a special place in your heart and mind.

It is really over, for now.