Review: Yakson Face Programs

Yakson offers various programs to address your body concerns. Learn more about their facial programs. Here’s a quick overview: Facial Balance Care Facial balance care is necessary for both aesthetics beauty also for your health. It makes your chin, cheekbones … Continue reading

Review: Yakson’s Golki Therapy and Skincare Products

Yakson has pioneered the art of Golki Therapy. But what is the Golki Therapy? Let us find out more the health benefits of this wonderful massage. In 1979, Chairman Lee Byung Chul has invented a massage technique called Golki, which was … Continue reading

Review: Yakson House’s Company History and Philosophy

Maybe most of you are wondering what is Yakson House (약손명가) or Yakson Myeonga. If you are looking for a safe and relaxing way of getting a slimmer and V-shaped face, you have to know Yakson! Now, I will tell you … Continue reading

Review: Yakson House Makati (약손명가) – The secret to a slimmer and V-shaped facial structure

Nowadays, having a slim and V-shaped facial structure is the trend for women. It has become very popular through the influence of famous Korean actresses and models as most of them possessed that kind of feature. Several procedures and treatments are … Continue reading