Your humor

I don’t really appreciate humors

It’s not even a trait that I look for a person

But nowadays, seems I am enjoying how you can make me laugh

And it’s only you who can make me feel this way

Those effortless jokes and laughters we always share

I can now see the beauty in every humor we connect

I would now choose sense of humor over romanticism

Coz those giggles bring ecstatic joy in my heart

I know even if I grow old I can still feel

Unlike a romantic feeling, it might have an expiration

I know in this case, age would not matter as long as you can laugh

Coz even if I age so much more, I will enjoy the things with you, what we can laugh about and your sense of humor

From afar


Wherever you are, I will like you even at far

I will be here, waiting for you until you come

Despite our every second talking, I still miss you like crazy

I long for your presence every single day

I want to see you again

Be with you and spend more time with you

If only miracle would happen so

We would be together easily

If only we live in the same place

Then everything would be alright

Until then, I am always here,

Sincerely thinking of being with you

Truly and deeply missing you


Lend me your ears to all my stories

I am excited to tell may it be also be my disappointments and misfortunes


Give me your attention

As I am giving you all my time and affection


Talk to me like I’m your best friend

Tell me all your stories

I can be your best friend, your teacher, listener and adviser

If only

I need to sleep but I still want to talk

I want to feel you but you’re just too far away

I want to hug you good night but you are 4 hours flight away from me

If only you’re living in the same country as me

If only you’re a city away from me…

Then I would definitely want to spend time with you


너의 모든 것을 알았다고 생각했어
그러나 새로운 장이 시작하며
몰랐던 내용들이 펼쳐지고 있어
많은 것들을 알게 되며
더 큰 놀라움을 주고 있어
꿈속에서 함께 있었지
반갑기도 하고 뜻밖이라
마치 현실과도 같아
꿈이라는 것을 알 수가 없었어
중요한 것은
우리의 이야기와
우리의 웃음이
계속 된다는 것
멀리 있지만
멀리 있는 느낌이 아니야
거리는 중요하지 않지
지금 무척 편안해

잠들기 전에

길고 길었던 날이 지나
드디어 잠들어 쉴 수 있지만
눈을 감고 잠들기 전에
한번 더 너를 생각해
너를 생각하며 꿈을 꾸고
잠들기 전 꿈을 꾸고
여러가지를 기억하고
여러가지를 떠올려
내가 꿈나라로 가기 전
마지막으로 생각하는 사람이 너임을
언젠가 너도 날 꿈꾸기를
내가 너를 꿈 꾸어 왔듯이
그 때까지 그 순간까지
지금은 잘 자

Sweet dream

Everything that has happened

Could be compared to a dream

How quickly it has commenced

And how short-lived its duration remained


I want to take it as a dream that’s immeasurable

Wherein no one else can partake and steal

And nothing would be impossible

Just all the fiction things could be feasible


A dream that will be forever sweet

It will be preserved in its form and built

The only thing that could be good as a treat

When the time comes we could just meet to greet

Painful request

If I can just go back…

Right when before I have awakened you

Just before I have opened something deep within you


I want to return…

So I can prevent your lingering emotions

And we could have preserved our connections


I want to be forgotten…

Like nothing has never happened in gleams

As if I am just part of your dreams


Coz this is how it should be

For I do not deserve a place in you

Coz you are already owned and binded to someone else

For you do not belong to me, as I do not belong to you


Today I began to think am I being selfish to dream

A dream which I think is impossible

Impossible coz I know it could not happen

Could not happen but I hope someday it will

And if it will, I hope it will be just pure happiness

Happiness and not marred by grief and pain

A pain which I do not want to hurt both you and I

I might sound so wrong to you and to anyone else

Else, but can you just choose me in the end?

The end which I think the beginning of us

Us, yes, now I think I seem like egocentric

Egocentric of me to think this kind of future

The kind of future which I suddenly look forward

I look forward coz you showed me the way

The way now how you are just being too selfish

Confession or rejection?

Last night there was another hidden passage

Which was shown in my dreams

It’s been a while since I have seen these things

But all was left with me was doubt and confusion

Will this be a confession or a rejection?

I do not know the meaning nor interpretation

Because for another time, I have fallen to a piece of puzzle 

That i need to solve and find out for myself

Ich bin verliebt

No words can ever represent the fullness of my emotion

Truly, what I feel is pure and sincere

Overflowing with so much love and affection

To the person I’ve been longing for


I cannot wait until the right time comes

Until the day we have been waiting for happens

Until such time we see each other and meet again

And our dreams and hopes become reality


Oh how I yearn for your arms and warm embrace

To feel once again your love and care

I know that one day is coming nearer

Our pain and sacrifices will be no more


I reminisce our sweet moments together

Those times which were furtive and abrupt

Let it be no more starting now

For today will be the start of our everlasting tomorrow


I do not have to utter these words

Because we surely know

“Ich bin verliebt”

With you, yes, You!