I appreciate you!

Learning to appreciate little things bring such delightful feeling.

A simple thought can make me smile.
A simple act brings me happiness.
And an effort of any various kind jumps my heart.


I wasn’t.

I wasn’t missing you.

I am just perfectly fine.
Daydreaming of my fantasies and wishes.
Days passing.
I am building my dreams and plans.
I have never thought of you since then.

You started to distract my attention again.
Trying to spare me from my world.

Then one day…
Received a random call.
Not used to the uncommon cheesy lines, unusual sweet words.

I missed you.

My heart’s shaken.
Hearing those words from you.

I missed you.

I don’t know what to say, how to react, what to feel.

I am flattered.
You put a smile in my face that cannot be erased for a while.
My heart fluttered.
You created an unusual beat in my chest.

I feel strange.
I just felt that after hearing those words from you, I missed you too.

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