The Capturer

Looking around, observing
Appreciating every aspect of beauty
Quietly staring
Waiting for the moment of fidelity.

Both hands have met
Supporting the heaviness it carries
Sensitivity control’s all set
Ready for that button of memories.

Attention is steal like thunder
By a very captivating subject
Instantly looks to the finder
To capture its irresistible affect.

Twisting the lens,
Deciding among angle of views,
Finding its balance,
Adjusting the depth of focus.

Once exactness in measurement’s attained,
Index will find its way.
Shutter sound will be heard
Thru click that won’t break away.

Reviewing images bring such joy
Fulfillment and unexplainable gladness
To the man who’s not cloy
Only with a heart pure of happiness.

Waiting for the moment of fidelity
Quietly staring
Appreciating every aspect of beauty
Looking around, observing.