Confession or rejection?

Last night there was another hidden passage

Which was shown in my dreams

It’s been a while since I have seen these things

But all was left with me was doubt and confusion

Will this be a confession or a rejection?

I do not know the meaning nor interpretation

Because for another time, I have fallen to a piece of puzzle 

That i need to solve and find out for myself


Wish for love

I’m wishing this is not another unrequited love

For I have been through it several times now

How I long and hope that this time it will be mutual

It might be impossible, unreal and impulsive

But what can I do?

My heart cannot choose whom it should love nor whom it must not

I just realize that one day, it was beating for you.

I may be from afar and you from another land

Looks very surreal, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t mind if you don’t believe

But through this written message I hope you feel it