Everything’s still vague and unclear for me. As the days passed, I am firm that I am one step closer in collecting the pieces of hints that will complete my longtime complicated puzzle.

Eventually, I shall find the true peace and serenity I have been yearning. My mind is indeed perplexed. I am in need of answers to fulfill all my questions. Two long years I have lived my everyday life with so much doubts and fears.

I just hope one day all these apprehensions will vanish and will be replaced by wonderful things I have been wishing to happen.



Dalawang taon kong kinimkim

Tiniis at tinago dito sa aking damdamin

Isinaalang alang ang panahon

Pagkat inisip na di pa tama kung noon


Ngunit, subalit, datapuwat

Alam ko sa pagkakataon ngayo’y dapat

Upang masagot ang aking mga katanungan

Na siyang aking matagal ng pinapasan


O sana iyong bigyang kasagutan

Ang lahat ng tanong sa aking isipan

Baka ang lahat ng ito ay akin lamang

Dahil wala naman palang tayo na inaabangan


Ibulong mo man lang sana sa akin

Kahit paano ito ay aking nanaisin

Nang sa gayo’y maliwanagan ang damdamin

Na dito’y naghintay ng kay tagal hanggang hapuin


Forgive me

Forgive me for all the things I am about to say

Let me utter the words which my heart grieves

Because you deserve to know better today


Forgive me for I have tried so much at my best

But I guess my best wasn’t really good enough

And all these acts are just not the easiest


Forgive me for giving you the chance to prove yourself

I appreciated your every aspect and attribute

But somehow the problem is within myself


Forgive me for spending too much time with you

I am indeed pleased and delighted

However, I repent for stealing your time in due


Forgive me for liking you at your unique disposition

We connect and adhere at some points

Yet, you do not deserve me in your evolution


Forgive me for loving you just as a confidant

I felt you love and care for me so dearly

Though, you are worthy of being loved like a husband


After more than a year and a half

The moment has finally surfaced

To be able to see, talk and laugh

Even just for awhile I felt solaced


Oh how I missed those expressive Asian eyes

And that beautiful and meaningful smile

I want to see it more often than twice

And be the reason why it’ll glitter and shine


How I hope and wish for this to happen

At last it came in an unexpected manner

The next chapter of this I do not know when

But I’m certain that I’ll cherish this moment forever


Time was so little, sudden and real quick

For me it was furtive and stealthy

If I could just freeze that moment and keep

But not yet, in God’s time I know fervently