You inspire me in every way you can

Those acts of kindness, words of wisdom

You enlighten me in every possible way

Just feeling your presence gives me hope

Though we are miles apart, you make it felt


The thought of you being there for me

Warms my sleeping and senseless heart

It energizes my lonely and insensible soul

For in every act you do, it makes me smile

A smile and feeling that is surely priceless


It’s official

I want to talk to you everyday just like before

Freely talking about anything under the sun

I want to talk to you everyday just like before

For it gives me both joy and happiness

I want to talk to you everyday just like before

Because in you I have found my other self

I want to talk to you everyday just like before

Coz it gives me unexpected smile on my lips

I want to talk to you everyday just like before

Giving me new hope and inspiration

I want to talk to you everyday just like before

Without no reason just maintaining the communication

Today, it’s official…

Officially that I am missing our long walks, endless conversation and everyday talking.

LV withdrawals

I am having different kinds of withdrawals

For a person who has been in Las Vegas

Not about the casinos and fun parties

But it was the hotel hopping and biz

Enjoying remarkable structures and edifice

Making sure nothing in The Strip is missed


Great chance to have met someone who’s a fellow

Same interest such as Cirque du Soleil “O” show

Avid fan of Korean cuisine and spicy food

Though unlucky to find but still in good mood

Alternatively looked for an Asian place

Thus decided to have Thai noodles in that case


Taking some time to know and discover

Surprisingly sharing thoughts on whatever

Not just that but don’t forget about the late-night bite

Cafe Bellagio’s banana split, cheesecake, and strawberry shake that’s not light

Deeply connecting the tips of wit and fingertips

Finding its way on its own in just a glimpse


I am in awe as how conversations effortlessly flow

With the same passions we discover and know

Time is still not enough so it was forced to be frozen

Walking in the slowest motion not like a normal citizen

So many stops because it wasn’t about reaching the destination

But it is all about the momentum of time’s prolongation


I will play the sound of your music

While enjoying its graceful melody


Familiarizing myself into its notes and blending

Slowly jiving to the beat and rhythm


Carefully listening to its sentimental lyrics

Trying to mimic the triumphant harmony


A chant that is soothing, relaxing and invigorating

Giving me a serene and tranquil sleep


Musical composition that is quite unique

Playing loud enough despite its volume so low


This sweet mellow song playing oh so nice

With soft, warm, pleasant resonant sound


Echoing the gentleness of your heart

Whispering the earnestness of your soul


Words are just mere words for most people

But for me it is not that just simple

I value how every word is spoken

The same way how every letter is written

As it is filled with sincerest thoughts and emotions

Coupled with genuine movements and actions


After all the discussion and enunciation

Wouldn’t expect to have a consolation

A proof that words are not just words

For it heals one’s soul and gives accords

How a simple poetic response can give solace

In this troubled moment and place


Oh how good it is to feel

No more worries and ill

I can now breathe well and smile

Feeling alright for this short while

For my heart is now at peace

The simple thing I hope at least


I decided not to let go but keep

Keeping the way it has ever been

For I know there is nothing wrong with it

Coz in the first place it is modest and right

I still have the same thoughts and perception

It has truly been decent and pure

With morals and virtue it is possessed

Thus I don’t see anymore reason to forget and be forgotten

That long walk

I want to walk again in that very slow pace

With the same person standing right next to me

A stroll in that lengthy walkway

Taking every step slowly and surely

The extreme distance I will not mind

As long the same person with me is walking the same mile

I will surely have joy in my heart

By spending this time with great delight

That for me would be more than enough

A great excuse to make just to fill the gaps 

Sweet dream

Everything that has happened

Could be compared to a dream

How quickly it has commenced

And how short-lived its duration remained


I want to take it as a dream that’s immeasurable

Wherein no one else can partake and steal

And nothing would be impossible

Just all the fiction things could be feasible


A dream that will be forever sweet

It will be preserved in its form and built

The only thing that could be good as a treat

When the time comes we could just meet to greet

My Hero


In a moment of doubt and uncertainty

I have asked for your words of enlightenment

You have listened to my sorrow and grievance

And make me understand and realize


Your voice gives me light and clarity

Saving me from committing transgression

You have directed me in the right path

In the place where I should be

Why of all the reasons?

Why it has to be you?


Of all the people out there,

Why it has to be you?


You are right about something

That we cannot choose that special someone

Because love works in mysterious ways


It is too hard for me to let go

But sometimes the right thing’s not the easiest

I have several reasons to present

Not sure which of these are valid


Forget me or not, you can do whatever you want

You, watching me from afar

Is the only thing you could do now

Coz nothing more you could give

And anything more I shouldn’t receive