Take control

I’ve made mistakes in the past
I hope it won’t be repeated this time
I fell and stumbled
Gave my sincerest and all

Apparently I was betrayed by surprise
Today the situation’s sort of alike
Butterflies are just everywhere
Attention given like a precious gemstone

So help me to be in full control of myself
To never trust the incorrect once again
My heart deserves to be loved and cared
Not to be hurt and wretched

I must hold back as long as I can
Resist the stirring emotions in me
Until the right time surfaced
Then I shall fully devout my affection


Ciao! Bye! Adios!

Today is the day
That I will finally bid my farewell
To the nightmare I had for years
At last I will free myself throughly
From pain, agony, torment and frustrations
Brought by dark hollow dream of the past
Happiness and serenity shall be my strength
For my heart and mind deserves delightfulness