Wish for love

I’m wishing this is not another unrequited love

For I have been through it several times now

How I long and hope that this time it will be mutual

It might be impossible, unreal and impulsive

But what can I do?

My heart cannot choose whom it should love nor whom it must not

I just realize that one day, it was beating for you.

I may be from afar and you from another land

Looks very surreal, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t mind if you don’t believe

But through this written message I hope you feel it


Ich bin verliebt

No words can ever represent the fullness of my emotion

Truly, what I feel is pure and sincere

Overflowing with so much love and affection

To the person I’ve been longing for


I cannot wait until the right time comes

Until the day we have been waiting for happens

Until such time we see each other and meet again

And our dreams and hopes become reality


Oh how I yearn for your arms and warm embrace

To feel once again your love and care

I know that one day is coming nearer

Our pain and sacrifices will be no more


I reminisce our sweet moments together

Those times which were furtive and abrupt

Let it be no more starting now

For today will be the start of our everlasting tomorrow


I do not have to utter these words

Because we surely know

“Ich bin verliebt”

With you, yes, You!


A child’s reflection

Dearest fellow children
We, sons and daughters
May this moment be an instrument
For us to reminisce the goodness of our parents
How they loved and cared for us
The upbringing they have given from the day of our birth
How meticulously they guide us to grow
To all the firsts in every aspect of life
Indubitably we forget that they no longer get any younger
As their age transforms their physicality
Showing enormous gray hairs and wrinkled skin
Even the intensive weakening of the body
Let us not forget to show our love and affection
By doing simple gestures of appreciation
Through a tight warm hug and a sweet abrupt kiss
Though it may last for seconds
Its essence is indeed everlasting
While we still have the time and opportunity
Altogether let’s tell our parents how much we love them
Until they have the ability to listen and feel
Whereas they will not be forever by our side
One day or another, you’ll realize that it’s already too late
To utter the words ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’
For they cannot and will never hear us anymore

Restored and Revitalized

In this world we are living
You will experience everything
Either the sweetness of love, joy, and happiness
Or the pernicious pain, torment and distress
No matter how brave you are
It will be tested truly far
On how strong you could be
In standing steadfast and firmly
To face all the challenges in life
To the point you shall encounter strife

I have experienced both in this journey
The voyage of struggles and extremity
Recently my optimism has put into its limits
Where I began to stumble and break into bits
My heart and spirit apparently weakened
As it started to feel shattered and loosened
I don’t know how to carry on
As if I am stuck in wilderness at dawn
Flame of piety slowly commenced to constrict
Unfavorable responses obtain and depict

In the darkness you shall find the light
As I did when I was enlightened by my own bright
When I found the glimmer in the bewilderment
I grabbed it and desolated all the discouragement
For a moment that is quiet and placid
I closed my eyes and prayed in lucid
It was indeed a very gratifying conversation
To speak and utter to Him all my denunciation
Once again I feel restored and revitalized
For my faith and devotion are regained and utilized

If I like you

If I like you,
It’s only you.
You have my eyes.
You own my heart.
My attention belongs to you,
As my affections too.

If I like you,
It will be you, just you.
I will be there for you always,
In good and tough times.
I will support you all the way,
To fulfill all your hopes and dreams.

If I like you,
I will stay with you.
Whatever happens,
I will always choose you.
Cheating and betrayal is neither on my list,
So will you put your trust in me.

If I like you,
I have no other option.
But to always fall for you,
Every single moment I’m with you.
The longer you’re apart from me,
The more my feelings grow and blossom.

If I like you,
I will not take advantage.
I offer to you my respect,
While giving the best regard.
I shall honor you with favor,
Notwithstanding a great admiration.

If I like you,
No, I will not lose my feelings.
No, I will not hurt you like anyone did in the past.
As long as you let me,
I will not let it happen to you.
Until then, I am all yours.

Unknown half

You probably don’t know me
Neither do I to thee
Our paths might not have crossed
But you will not be lost
One day you shall find your way
To meet me in halfway
I am not finding
Nor I’m searching
I believe it is all in God’s will
To stay where I am and be still
Entrusting to Him my faith, love and hope
I shall not waiver and mope
I will not be in protest
For His timing is the best

Other half

I don’t know you yet
We might not have met
But whoever you are
I will love you even at far
With all my heart, with all my soul.
Everyday I will choose you
A hundred times if I have to
To show my sincerest affection
That I hope you see in my reflection
With utmost belief, with all your trust.
When the right time comes
I shall meet you with warm welcomes
With my arms widely open
Waiting patiently for your haven
With all my faith and hope, with all my love.

Look, listen, & feel

Seconds seem hours
Days look weeks
Months like years
Every now and then my mind’s thinking of you
Every time and moment my eyes’ missing you
Every day and always my heart’s seeking you
Deep within me I knew
That you are my missing piece
Who’ll complete my special view
Listen to me as I say
Please stay by my side
Don’t let anyone pull you away
Feel this love of mine
It’s all yours so dine
Treasure it as peculiar vine
Distance won’t hindrance
As long as you stance
You have here my assurance