Happy pill

In just a weekend full of activities

I can say I was extremely happy

Yeah, it was tiring but I may say it was really full of fun

In those times, you have become my happy pill

Your jokes and humors which made me laugh so much

Teasing me as much as you want

Made me enjoy our quality time together

All those things we did, places we went and cuisines we tried

All in just two days, we really maximized our time


I can’t wait to see you again

To see your lovely smile and expressive eyes

I cannot wait to pinch again your chubby cheeks

Hoping for that day again that we have those long saunters with me

Strolling alongside under the scorching sun and humidity

As if we’re the only person walking

Partly true coz for once, yes, we were the only people walking that time

I hope one day we could also walk hand in hand, not just side-by-side