Before anything else

Whatever you start.
Wherever you depart.
Always seek from above.
He’ll bless you the best that you could have.
Hold on to your faith steadfastly.
Believe in Him firmly.
He will guide your way.
And direct you to the pathway.
With Him everything is possible.
Nothing will be unattainable.
Trust Him completely.
You’ll be safe certainly.


Cheer up!

Be strong, be brave!
Close your eyes
Open your ears
Feel the sweetness engraved.

Take a deep breath
Envision yourself forward
But never look backward
Smell the goodness of heath.

Slowly open your vision.
When you’re ready,
Don’t just stand steady
Take a step with full attention.

Go on and never look back.
Leave all your worries behind
And drag your doubts on hind
That will keep you on track.

Don’t ever forget God.
Have your faith in Him
He will get you out of dim
And save you against all odd.