Happy pill

In just a weekend full of activities

I can say I was extremely happy

Yeah, it was tiring but I may say it was really full of fun

In those times, you have become my happy pill

Your jokes and humors which made me laugh so much

Teasing me as much as you want

Made me enjoy our quality time together

All those things we did, places we went and cuisines we tried

All in just two days, we really maximized our time


I can’t wait to see you again

To see your lovely smile and expressive eyes

I cannot wait to pinch again your chubby cheeks

Hoping for that day again that we have those long saunters with me

Strolling alongside under the scorching sun and humidity

As if we’re the only person walking

Partly true coz for once, yes, we were the only people walking that time

I hope one day we could also walk hand in hand, not just side-by-side

Your humor

I don’t really appreciate humors

It’s not even a trait that I look for a person

But nowadays, seems I am enjoying how you can make me laugh

And it’s only you who can make me feel this way

Those effortless jokes and laughters we always share

I can now see the beauty in every humor we connect

I would now choose sense of humor over romanticism

Coz those giggles bring ecstatic joy in my heart

I know even if I grow old I can still feel

Unlike a romantic feeling, it might have an expiration

I know in this case, age would not matter as long as you can laugh

Coz even if I age so much more, I will enjoy the things with you, what we can laugh about and your sense of humor

From afar


Wherever you are, I will like you even at far

I will be here, waiting for you until you come

Despite our every second talking, I still miss you like crazy

I long for your presence every single day

I want to see you again

Be with you and spend more time with you

If only miracle would happen so

We would be together easily

If only we live in the same place

Then everything would be alright

Until then, I am always here,

Sincerely thinking of being with you

Truly and deeply missing you


Lend me your ears to all my stories

I am excited to tell may it be also be my disappointments and misfortunes


Give me your attention

As I am giving you all my time and affection


Talk to me like I’m your best friend

Tell me all your stories

I can be your best friend, your teacher, listener and adviser

Let me

Let me hug you in my dreams so you can feel that I really miss you

I want to whisper those words to your ears to share my longing

Allow me to hold you tight in my thoughts like there’s no tomorrow

Coz tonight I am really seeking for you to be by my side 

Let me think of you a couple of times before I sleep

Perhaps, just maybe, we could suddenly meet in my dreams 

If only

I need to sleep but I still want to talk

I want to feel you but you’re just too far away

I want to hug you good night but you are 4 hours flight away from me

If only you’re living in the same country as me

If only you’re a city away from me…

Then I would definitely want to spend time with you

잠들기 전에

길고 길었던 날이 지나
드디어 잠들어 쉴 수 있지만
눈을 감고 잠들기 전에
한번 더 너를 생각해
너를 생각하며 꿈을 꾸고
잠들기 전 꿈을 꾸고
여러가지를 기억하고
여러가지를 떠올려
내가 꿈나라로 가기 전
마지막으로 생각하는 사람이 너임을
언젠가 너도 날 꿈꾸기를
내가 너를 꿈 꾸어 왔듯이
그 때까지 그 순간까지
지금은 잘 자

Before I sleep

After the long and tiring day

I will finally rest and sleep

But before I close my eyes

Let me think of you once again

Thinking of you makes me dream

Dreaming while I’m still awake

Remembering those things

Reminiscing those moments

You’re the last person I think of

Before I enter the dreamland

I hope someday you’ll also dream of me

Just when I have dreamt of you in the past

Until then and until such time

Have a good night for now