Review: My 10-session journey at Yakson

Can you spot the difference? These are 2 gypsum masks from my first session (Feb 13) and 10th session (Apr 5) at Yakson Makati. It may look similar for others but I want you to carefully examine each of the … Continue reading

Review: 9th session

How time flies, it was already my 9th session at Yakson. If you want to know more about Yakson, click here. On this session, I was able to experience their Salt massage. As I have said before, this is one … Continue reading

Yakson Makati Promo 2017

Now is your time to experience Yakson Makati’s therapeutic massage! Don’t miss Yakson’s special price and discounts this summer season! ♥FACIAL BALANCE CARE♥ 10 sessions PHP37,500 → 10 sessions PHP33,750 & Free 2 sessions ♥FACE RESIZING CARE♥ 10 session PHP22,500 … Continue reading