I have found
a new aspiration
that I hope
I’ll be able to fulfill
with my passion
for writing
and my heart
for expression


A child’s reflection

Dearest fellow children
We, sons and daughters
May this moment be an instrument
For us to reminisce the goodness of our parents
How they loved and cared for us
The upbringing they have given from the day of our birth
How meticulously they guide us to grow
To all the firsts in every aspect of life
Indubitably we forget that they no longer get any younger
As their age transforms their physicality
Showing enormous gray hairs and wrinkled skin
Even the intensive weakening of the body
Let us not forget to show our love and affection
By doing simple gestures of appreciation
Through a tight warm hug and a sweet abrupt kiss
Though it may last for seconds
Its essence is indeed everlasting
While we still have the time and opportunity
Altogether let’s tell our parents how much we love them
Until they have the ability to listen and feel
Whereas they will not be forever by our side
One day or another, you’ll realize that it’s already too late
To utter the words ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’
For they cannot and will never hear us anymore

Nor will I chase you

You will try to win me
Like every guy will do
Until when I do not know

I feel you will also leave me
Just every man could ever do
For reason I should know

Go and you shall not hear from me
The thing I hate that boys do
So obvious that I must know

If you leave then you’re free
After all nor will I chase you
Don’t try because you will not see me follow