From afar


Wherever you are, I will like you even at far

I will be here, waiting for you until you come

Despite our every second talking, I still miss you like crazy

I long for your presence every single day

I want to see you again

Be with you and spend more time with you

If only miracle would happen so

We would be together easily

If only we live in the same place

Then everything would be alright

Until then, I am always here,

Sincerely thinking of being with you

Truly and deeply missing you


Lend me your ears to all my stories

I am excited to tell may it be also be my disappointments and misfortunes


Give me your attention

As I am giving you all my time and affection


Talk to me like I’m your best friend

Tell me all your stories

I can be your best friend, your teacher, listener and adviser


If I like you

If I like you,
It’s only you.
You have my eyes.
You own my heart.
My attention belongs to you,
As my affections too.

If I like you,
It will be you, just you.
I will be there for you always,
In good and tough times.
I will support you all the way,
To fulfill all your hopes and dreams.

If I like you,
I will stay with you.
Whatever happens,
I will always choose you.
Cheating and betrayal is neither on my list,
So will you put your trust in me.

If I like you,
I have no other option.
But to always fall for you,
Every single moment I’m with you.
The longer you’re apart from me,
The more my feelings grow and blossom.

If I like you,
I will not take advantage.
I offer to you my respect,
While giving the best regard.
I shall honor you with favor,
Notwithstanding a great admiration.

If I like you,
No, I will not lose my feelings.
No, I will not hurt you like anyone did in the past.
As long as you let me,
I will not let it happen to you.
Until then, I am all yours.