Weekend Relaxation at Yakson Makati II

Weekend relaxation at Yakson – 약손명가 😊💆🏻

Yakson is committed in giving high-quality of service to bring health and beauty for its customers and clients. Every massage therapist has perfected their expertise in pursuit of service excellence. Thus, Yakson has mastered the following principles to deliver extremely good, high-class and professional massage therapy services.


Yakson House Makati is located at 117 Don Perla Condominium, Don C. Palanca Street, Makati. Be sure to book an appointment first if you plan to visit. Yakson Makati usually has a couple of customers especially during Saturday. It is open every Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 8PM.


For more information, you may visit Yakson’s Official Facebook page or log in at www.yaksonhouse.ph/ph/.
For inquiries and reservations, you may contact: (+63) 02 892 9441.



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Starting the week right at Yakson 

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Weekend Relaxation at Yakson Makati

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